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My Legs Are So Soft

Featuring: Ivana Benz
Date: January 26th, 2010
Duration: 18:44
How long does Ivana Benz take to get totally naked in this video? How long does it take for her to remove her black, sheer stockings and heels and her black, leopard-print corset that pushes up her breasts? About 15 minutes by our count. Until then, she teases you, stroking her long, soft legs, getting off on the silky feel of her stockings, oiling up her legs and feet, sucking on her toes. "My legs are so soft," Ivana says. "They feel so nice. Don't you wish you were sucking on my toes?" Ivana's a kinky girl. She once blew a security guard in a shopping mall, right behind the burger stand. If we were that security guard, we would've picked the shoe store, but it's hard to be picky with a lady like Ivana.