Heels, bare feet, pantyhose & stockings!
Foot femmes bare their soles.

Frisky Feet / Lucy Fire

Frisky Feet
Starring: Lucy Fire

September 23rd, 2009

"When my lover's at home, he is my total slave and I love that he does everything that I ask him to do to please me. However, when he is at work, he is an executive and he calls all of the shots. People fear him and all of the power that he wields. But not me. I like to drop in on him at the office from time to time and make sure that he knows who his boss really is. I see the fear and excitement in his eyes when he sees me sitting on my desk, waiting for him. And although he begs that I let him work, I know he loves that I am there to make him grovel."

"If he is by the doorway, I tell him to crawl to me on his hands and knees in his business suit. If he objects, I let him know that I have no problem at all embarrassing him at his place of work. That brings him down to his knees in no time flat. Then I make him clean my feet with his horny, little tongue while he jerks his cock for me. After all, he has to be nice and hard so that he can fuck me on his desk, right? Of course."

"Once he drops the pretense that he is nervous or even embarrassed, Tony is one of the best lovers. I think he is more excited about fucking me on his desk than I am. He encourages me to get louder and moan. I think he wants all of his coworkers to know that we are fucking in his office."

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