Solid Gold Stems

Solid Gold Stems

"There are things that I do, like little rituals, when I masturbate," said Amy, a tall and curvy redhead in stockings. "I mean, I could just rub on my pussy and cum and that would be it, but I like to build up to my release. It makes it better for me. For starters, I like to wear my favorite denier stockings. They are gold and shiny. Then, I put on some vintage lingerie and pour myself a drink so I can relax. I like to look at myself in the mirror, too. When I spread my thighs and the light catches the shimmer in my stockings, I feel beautiful. I like to dress up at the end of my long day, too. It makes me feel sexy. I am a ballet dancer and my practice sessions can go for hours. When I get home, my legs are sore and tired. So, I usually start my masturbation sessions by stretching out my legs. The muscles in the legs, from the calves to the thighs, play a big part in helping me reach orgasm, so stretching them heightens my arousal. I make sure that I extend my legs and then point my…

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Featuring: Ami Emerson
Date: January 4th, 2012
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