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Smitten Kitten

Featuring: Angelica
Date: April 29th, 2009
Photos: 70
"Can you make me arch my back and purr for you?" asks pale goddess Angelica Meow. "I am so bored with men who just want to throw me down, stick their little penises in me, sweat and grunt and then expire right on top of me without one thought about my pleasure. Since when is it all right to deny a woman her pleasure and satisfy her needs? I prefer men who treat women like they used to back when women were women and men were men. I'm looking for a passionate love affair from the days of old." "I like to dress in vintage clothing, especially silk stockings and garters because I think they make my thighs and my full, firm bottom look even more appealing. If and when my perfect lover comes around, he will know to take his time removing my silky underthings, too. He will know to playfully pull on my belts with his teeth and let them snap on my sensitive skin. He will know to slowly strip off my stockings, one by one, caressing my flesh with his fingertips and making me wild with desire until I lose control." "I didn't have a clue what it was that was missing from my sex life until about a year ago. You see, up until then, I was very unhappy with my lovers and sex was so unappealing to me. I used to cringe at the idea of a man pawing at me like I was some sort of toy. Then I met a man who seduced me in such a way that I was lost in sensuality and lust.

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