Ped Peeper

Busted! Brandon Jes has just discovered a peeping Tom spying under the bathroom stall while she was peeing. She caught him red-handed, but he's caught her with her pants down. His hands dart out under the stall divider to grab her high heels and pull her to the ground. Now she's sitting there with her pantyhose bunched around her ankles, her long, lean legs pressed against the cool tile floor and her pussy still wet. Wait, she thinks, I was dry just a second ago. The man's hands are rubbing her silky-smooth calves through the cloth of her hose and sending shivers of pleasure up her spine. "That feels so good," she murmurs to her own surprise. She slides her legs under the stall to show off her now bare ass. The man walks around to her side of the stall, presenting his hard cock. She doesn't even turn over; she just moves her peds to his dick and starts rubbing his glans with her toes. After a moment they both decide it's time to fuck. He rips a hole in the ass of her hose, using his…

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Featuring: Brandon Jes and Michael
Date: June 18th, 2018
Duration: 70

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