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Smells Like Candy

Featuring: Candace Cage
Date: June 5th, 2014
Photos: 44
Candace shared an interesting tidbit with us while in our studio. She thought we were going to laugh or judge her. In reality, we thought it was hot! "Ever since I can remember I loved the smell and taste of my own body: my pussy, my hair and even my feet. I started licking my own toes, and I would have licked my pussy if I could have. Then about a year ago I had a three-way with my best friend and a guy. It was the first time I went down on another girl. I realized it was just as amazing as I thought it might be. I even licked her feet!" Now Candace can't get enough of girls or feet. "I've hooked up with all my girlfriends. Also, every time I'm with a guy there's a lot of foot-foreplay.

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