P.O.V. Pedicure

When Claudia wants to indulge in her seediest and nastiest fuck fantasies, she calls over her favorite heel boy, Adam, a starving artist she met at a college night in a local bar. Adam has a thing for feet and it tickles Claudia pink to make him give her pedicures in her living room so she can relax in the comfort of her own house and watch him squirm as he tries to ease the massive hard-on he gets whenever she lets him touch her feet. She could just fuck him and get it over with, but torturing him is her favorite.

Claudia lets him get so turned on that he literally humps the stool he is sitting on while he files her toenails, buffs and polishes them. When he is finished, and after she lets him suffer for about five minutes while she pretends to scrutinize his work, she tells him to let her see his cock. He quickly unleashes his rod and then the real fun starts as Claudia orders him about, pleasuring him but taking her pleasure first. She loves to let him pummel her tight…

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Featuring: Claudia Downs and Adam Sharps
Date: April 15th, 2009
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