Vintage Vamp

"I enjoy the feel of vintage stockings and lingerie on my skin. When I slip on a pair of high-quality stockings, the lightweight material caresses the skin on my soles and it feels like a lover's touch. By the time it slides up and around my calves, I am already turned on and my panties are already damp," confessed Erin. "I like to slide my stockings on nice and slow so by the time they begin to feel tight around my thighs, I am squirming in my chair. The snug elastic gripping my leg and laying so close to my pussy feels very sensual. When I adjust and secure the snaps of my garter belts, I like to pull them and let them snap on my skin. The jolt of that contact is like a lover's hand giving me a sexy, playful slap. When I spread my legs and start to stroke my engorged clit through my sheer panties, I like to watch myself in the mirror. I love the way my legs look in stockings and seeing them framing my wet pussy is a very big turn-on for me. Sometimes I won't take my panties off and…

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Featuring: Erin Marxxx
Date: November 18th, 2011
Duration: 48

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