Siren In Seams

"My lover is a very prim and proper college professor and he's twice my age. I am a sophomore in college and while most girls my age are running around campus in sandals and sneakers, I wear stockings and heels and garter belts. I always dress like a sophisticated lady because my lover likes to see me this way. Some might say that he wears the pants in our relationship, but I know better than that. Because, even though he may call the shots on what I wear, I wear it well. And whenever I want to, I can have him wrapped around my finger. All I have to do is drop something and then bend over right in front of him and give him a quick peek at my silky legs and my pert, little ass and he's mine. I don't even have to see his reaction, I can tell just from his sharp intake of breath that his horny eyes are trained on me. It doesn't take much after that for him to meet all of my demands. You see, he might be prim and proper in public, but he is a raging foot and leg pervert. He loses all…

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Featuring: Jayden Pierson
Date: January 18th, 2012
Duration: 70

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