Poolside Peds

Poolside Peds

Kimberly West is a full-time personal trainer who spent many years perfecting her tight, tone physique as a cheerleader and gymnast in her teens. When she is not spending time with her clients in the gym, she likes to train at home, usually in her backyard with weights and by swimming in her pool. That is where our lens man caught up with this leggy brunette after she contacted him to take, "Tasteful photos in a pink bikini," for a fitness competition she was in.
"I enter bodybuilding competitions all the time and I need photos of my physique to include with my bio. I contacted a photographer and invited him to my home to shoot me in my bikini. I have to wear a tiny swimsuit to show off my muscles, but I know I look good in it, too. When the photographer got a look at my body he smiled. I remember that he complimented my legs first. While I posed for him, he kept admiring my legs and asking me to flex and point my toes. I knew that he was turned on and that kind of turned me on, too.…

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Featuring: Kimberly West
Date: June 18th, 2012
Photos: 34

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