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Get A Taste Of My Toes

Featuring: Krista Kaslo
Date: January 13th, 2012
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"I recently started working as a cocktail waitress at an upscale night club. The patrons are all business men and their wives and girlfriends and the pay is pretty great. But, I stomp around in high heels for hours, serving drinks and chatting up the clientele and by the end of the night, my feet are so tired. I am not a complainer, but one night I told one of the bartenders that my feet were sore and he offered to rub them for me. Who was I to say no?" "At first, it was just a friendly foot rub and it felt really good. He was kneading his fingertips into my tired soles and it felt incredible. I closed my eyes and let him massage me. He worked on one of my feet first and when he was done, he told me to kick off my other shoe and bring my other foot up. Then he placed the foot in his hands on his lap and that's when I felt it. His dick was as hard as steel and he had placed my foot right on top of it.

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