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Entertaining In Ebony

Featuring: Marika
Date: June 3rd, 2009
Photos: 80
"I am a burlesque dancer in Las Vegas. You might have seen my show..if you are the kind of man who loves feet, that is. You see, I only do private shows for men who can afford my services. What can I say? I like to walk all over men..literally. I dance on them, too. You see, that's my act. I have men lay on the floor and serve as my stage. I dance on their cocks, put my feet on their faces and shove my toes in their mouths, all while I strip." "Sometimes I do can-can shows with my girlfriends for my best-paying clients. We set up a curtain that covers us from the waist up. We wear stockings and shoes and dance for a while.

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