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Featuring: Nikki Johnson
Date: February 17th, 2012
Photos: 49
Nikki Johnson is a Brazilian bombshell that spent most of her awkward teenage years in cleats and socks because she was a Tomboy who loved to play soccer. She also discovered that she loved feet after spending so much time in the girls' locker room with her teammates and their sweaty socks. Now a college student and all grown up, Nikki is no longer a Tomboy and very much into seducing her teachers and classmates with her glamorous pinup outfits that show off her legs and her ass. "Now that I'm in college, I've learned that it's what's underneath that counts," she said. "And by underneath, I mean underneath my skirt. I love to watch the professors and students break into a sweat when I, 'accidentally,' drop my pencil and let them get a good look at my garters and stockings when I bend over to pick it up. I think that frustrating men is the thing that gets me the hottest and my pussy the most wet. I especially love it when they get an unwanted erection. I love to see them run away with their books or briefcase or backpack hiding their crotch! I just hope they go home and jerk off thinking about me. I admit that I use my looks to get what I want.

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