Bare-Legged Beauty

Bare-Legged Beauty

"I was once a very shy librarian in this small town in Nowhere-ville, USA. But that all changed when I left home and went to California to go to school. That's where I met all sorts of interesting people who helped me break out of my shell. Once I had confidence, I started dressing in more revealing outfits and that's when I saw the power that my legs had over men. All the attention was overpowering. I started doing things I never had."

"All of a sudden, I had these crazy urges to be touched by lots of men. I wanted them to rip my clothes off and lick and bite my legs and feet. I'd never explored this side of my sexuality before, but I was so excited. I started going to leg fetish parties and before I knew it, I had over a dozen slaves who would come over and worship me whenever I wanted. It was the first time I felt free."

"The way that they would touch me and look upon me with such reverence really made me feel sexy and womanly. And the way that my legs and my feet…

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Featuring: Sara Sinn
Date: July 15th, 2009
Photos: 60

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