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Tiny Dancer

Featuring: Vicky Ray
Date: December 26th, 2011
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"I had never heard of your magazine until I saw one in my ballet teacher's office one night after class. He was embarrassed at first, but I convinced him to let me look at it and I thought, 'I have nice legs. I could be in this magazine.' My teacher must have thought so, too, because he kept looking at my legs with blatant lust in his eyes. I convinced him to let me come to his house one day so that he could shoot photos of my legs, but what I really wanted was to watch him squirm. It's not that I don't find him attractive, because all the girls in his class do. It's just that I like knowing about his dirty, little foot-fetish secret and teasing him unmercifully. I showed up in this tiny skirt and heels and when he saw my legs bare and naked, I could practically see the outline of his boner through his jeans. I played innocent, but I knew I had him in the palm of my hand!" .

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November 19, 2013
super cute!
August 04, 2012
I think I'm in love! More of Ms Ray please!!!

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