Your Servant In Seams

Your Servant In Seams

"I work as a secretary in a very busy firm. My boss is a partner and he demands that I wear prim business attire and look presentable. He is a stickler and scolds me for the slightest infractions. He even points out when my stocking seams are uneven. But when no one is around, he is on all fours begging to straighten them out himself. I spend my days playing the role of the timid assistant, letting him yell at me and put on a show for our coworkers, but when no one else is in the office, I'm the boss. As soon as the last person is gone, I stroll into his office and tell him to lie on the floor. Then I kick off my heels and lay my soles on his face, telling him to inhale the musk emanating from my feet. I don't always have sex with him. I just take him down a peg or two."

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Featuring: Victoria
Date: December 29th, 2011
Duration: 57

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3 years ago 
Very lovely brunette.

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